About us

What is Kdimension?

The Knowledge dimension.

Kdimension is a reality that merges the physical world with its own virtual space, where interactivity, storage and knowledge creation are intertwined to provide a unique and enriching experience.

A dimension where we can feel and experience knowledge in an unprecedented way, expanding our horizons and opening the doors to a future full of possibilities.

Our vision

What are the values of Kdimension?

Our purpose is to transform the world through the education of the human being as an autonomous and sovereign individual.

For this reason, fundamental values such as freedom, transparency, autonomy, collaboration, discovery, curiosity, commitment, responsibility, prevention and awareness, are the basis of our educational approach and key elements for personal and global development.

Through an education based on these principles, individuals become agents of change and conscious leaders, ready to face the challenges of the world and actively contribute to its improvement.

User philosophy

Be part of something unique

The Kdimension user becomes a dimensional explorer, that is, a tireless seeker of knowledge.

User is a curious and committed individual who constantly seeks to improve himself/herself and improve himself/herself in all aspects of his life. To do this, he/she takes an active role in his own adventure, being the protagonist of his/her personal and spiritual development.

His/her perspective is multidimensional and he constantly aspires to go beyond the established limits, thus transcending all areas of his/her existence.

This makes him/her motivated by goals that go beyond the conventional: seeking autonomy and empowerment, taking control of his/her life and his/her own decisions.

In addition, he/she finds a space for mutual support, learning and growth, where he/she can compare ideas to enrich and complement each other.


Enhance your capabilities

The fundamental basis of Kdimension is the relationship between the human being and knowledge in all disciplines. This connection allows us to apply this knowledge in various situations and fields, which translates into more transparent and informed decision-making.

In Kdimension, knowledge acts as a library that houses our life journey, also known as the inner world, which allows us to develop a critical and self-critical sense, promoting science without barriers and a criterion of their own for each one of the users of the new dimension of knowledge, free from fakes and manipulations.

In addition, our biological capacities are enhanced, such as the kinaesthesia, and it becomes a base world from which we explore and relate to the physical world, which leads to an improvement in our physical health.

Kdimension is a dimension of infinite possibilities where thought and action are integrated to achieve all our goals.


Interact with the knowledge

Innovation at Kdimension is driven by the combination of various elements.

First, the integration of information with 3D technology has revolutionized the way we interact with information, allowing us to visualize and understand concepts in a more immersive and practical way.

In the educational field, Kdimension takes advantage of the potential of video games as a teaching tool, fusing fun with learning to motivate students.

In addition, with Kdimension progress is made in the personalization of learning, adapting the content and educational strategies to the individual needs of each student. In Kdimension, each student will have training that organically adapts to their profile, providing personalized education.

This means that each user can maintain, within Kdimension, an interactive library of the life journey, in constant evolution, that allows them to explore and learn dynamically about different aspects of life, thus providing an enriching and transformative learning experience. Like never seen before.

Educating videogames

Through the release of various adventures, we approach a different way of learning.

Narrative, kinesthesia, and mental agility come together with an extensive and meaningful Lore to achieve the main objective in the educational field: educating through videogames.

K One is the first adventure to be launched and will be part of the different campaigns experienced within the K dimensions.


Creating a better World

Sustainability is a core commitment at Kdimension.

We are committed to minimizing the generation of unsustainable waste and promoting practices that have a real impact on the world, in a proportional, measured, fair and necessary manner.

In addition, at Kdimension sustainability provides added value in all aspects of the person, be it cultural, social, personal or economic. For this reason, awareness for democratic and sustainable cooperation will be promoted among all the actors involved in Kdimension with the aim of achieving sustainable development that benefits society as a whole.

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